Make-A-Wish Mid-South

Our 2nd wish from the 2014

Make-A-Wish Mid-South

Dice Run

Things don't always go according to plan. This was a reveal that we had planned out with lots of time to spare but ended up being last minute. Chrishun is 14 years old and is suffering with End Stage Renal Failure. This means he spends lots of time getting dialysis. He is from the Memphis area and has been here his whole life. His wish, was to go to Atlanta and go on a shopping spree, in new places. We were all set. We were going to surprise him with his reveal before his trip, and then, Mother Nature decided to shut down the city. We tried to plan a quick reschedule, but again, Mother Nature said, no. She did, however, clear up enough for the family to make their scheduled flight, on the 20th.

Since we were unable to surprise him with his wish before he left, it was decided that we would hold a surprise Welcome Home party for him. As you local folks know, Mother Nature decided to surprise us with a blanket of snow on Wednesday night, February 25th! We were scheduled to welcome Chrishun home on Thursday, February 26th. Threats of more weather coming through on Thursday, were broadcast throughout the night, Wednesday. We all were glad when the weather began to melt the snow and there was nothing new coming in.

The surprise location was Buffalo Wild Wings. The side room was decorated by the Make-A-Wish Mid-South intern, Haley and volunteer Cindy, along with a few staff members of BWW. Randie, a member of our sponsor, the Memphis Police Association Charitable Foundation, Gray, one of our Development Coordinators from Make-A-Wish Mid-South, along with the available members of Los Cazadores all gathered to await Chrishun's arrival.

They ALMOST snuck in on us, but we caught glimpse of them as they entered the room. We all quickly faced them and shouted, "Welcome Home Chrishun!" Chrishun stood in amazement for a few moments before they all joined us at the back of the room. We all gathered in a huddle and quickly did introductions and then listened to Chrishun and his mom tell the tale of his shopping trip in Atlanta.

We all sat down at the tables and continued to listen to the Atlanta story, as well as taking the time to get to know the family, a little more. Make-A-Wish Mid-South had a few gifts to give to Chrishun, that were related to his favorite basketball team, the Miami Heat. We had gotten Chrishun a gift card to use on his trip, but, those are good anywhere, so we're sure he'll still put it to good use. We also gave him a club blanket. We all had a good laugh having to give instruction as he and his mom tried to spread it open. "It's upside down, now it's backwards, turn this way" lol. His eyes widened in amazement once it was completely unfurled and then, he held it tightly.

Finally, it was coming close to time to leave. We all got REAL close and took a few group pictures. We have extended an invitation to Chrishun and his family to our event, in April, so hopefully, you will all get to meet him, there.

We realize that this may seem redundant, but without you, this could not happen, so we would like to share this moment with, and humbly thank, ALL of you, who made this possible:

First and foremost, our sponsor, Memphis Police Association Charitable Foundation, for your continued support.

Our grand prize donator, Farro's Lead Farm, which assisted in generating a lot of attention to our event

Those of you who participated in this event. You are the reason that this event is successful and makes it possible to grant these wishes.

To the friends and extended family of Los Cazadores, who donated your time to volunteer and help at this event.

All the businesses and people that provided donations of drawing items: Abernathy's Harley Davidson, Abuelo's-Wolfchase, April Thomas, Bahama Breeze-Wolfchase, Band Aid Group, Bob's Honda of Jackson, Bluff City Vapes-Bartlett, Bodywork by Neal, Buffalo Wild Wings-Wolfchase, Bumpus Harkely Davidson-Collierville, Ceasar's Wine & Liquor, Dan Wireman, Eric Leath & Brittany Crouse, FRS Powersports, Full Throttle Saloon-Trimble, Hadley's Pub for obtaining drawing items from Fox & Hound-Cordova and Graceland Tours, Heavenly Ham-Jackson, Hollywood Feed-Oakland, Home Depot-Jackson, Home Depot-Riverdale, Just Bike Me-Bradford, Kindred Spirit Style, Leatherwood Motorcycle Works, Logan's Steakhouse-Jackson, Logan's Steakhouse-Wolfchase, Lowe's-Wolfchase, McAlister's-Wolfchase, MH Consulting, Mid-town Wine & Spirits-Jackson, Motorcycle Express Lube Plus, O'Charley's-Wolfchase, Olive Garden-Wolfchase, On the Border-Wolfchase, RangeUSA, Rizzi's Cafe, Richard Hammer for reaching out to Mr. & Mrs. Morris and Peter Nathan to obtain the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience auction item, Texas Roadhouse, The Melting Pot-Wolfchase, Tim and Deborah Lowrance, VuDu Tat2, and Xlnt Tint.

Check out a few pictures from Chrishun's Welcome Home!

                       Make-A-Wish Mid-South

Our 1st wish from the 2014

Make-A-Wish Mid-South

Dice Run

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that Brylee passed away from this terrible disease on December 16, 2014.  We wish the best for Brylee's family and encourage those that research, to dig deep to find a way to stop this.

As you all know, we are not able to participate in every child's wish reveal for various reasons. Los Cazadores is honored to have sponsored Brylee's wish to "Give Back" to support the Batten Disease Support & Research Organization. Make-A-Wish visited 5 year-old Brylee and her family at the hospital last week to present the organization with their donation on her behalf. What a wonderful wish—to give back to help other children battling this terrible disease.

Each and every one of you who supported the Los Cazadores Make-A-Wish event back in April made this possible. We hope that you feel just as honored as we do to have a part in granting this wish. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support. Brylee's wish was to do just as you have done; give back. This is the epitome of why we do what we do.

Attached are a couple photos from her wish reveal, along with a photo taken of Brylee before her diagnosis. The links below are of the story on her wish on ABC in Jackson and her community support Facebook page. This little girl was diagnosed back in May, just weeks after the Los Cazadores event. While her wish was to give back towards research, we are also including a link to a page about Batten Disease so you can learn about it and help bring awareness.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for making this possible. We also ask that you keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

We are getting information together for a poker run in April.  More details will follow as they are formed!


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