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During Operation Iraqi Freedom, I met a Marine from Modesto, Ca. He was a 20 year old Hispanic male full of life and very family oriented.  As a warrior, he always volunteered to go through doors first to snatch and grab suspected enemies. As the excitement of entering the unknown would build, he would inadvertently revert back to Spanish.  During the intensity with the Iraqis and him, nobody could understand what anybody would be yelling back and forth.  He was mortally wounded and left this world after a 10 day fight for his life.  After his passing, I reflected back to his saying of "Los Cazadores" followed by a door being violently kicked or shot open depending on the situation needed, and found it to mean "The Hunters".

I had grown up and ridden with other clubs, and did not want to be in one that limited family participation. So upon starting my own club, I decided to use “The Hunters” as the club name because everybody is always hunting for something.  I kept this saying in Spanish in honor of the young marine warrior.

Our three piece patch is different because we’re a different kind of club.  The Grim Reaper was used for anybody who has stepped foot on a battlefield or experienced death up close and personal.  He's coming for somebody, non-judgmental, never sleeps and is always on the hunt. I incorporated the rolling dice due to my travels and experience on the battle fields, to represent life is but a gamble.  The hour glass is cracked because time is different for everybody. The sickle the reaper carries is down because he has already struck.  You just don't know you've been hit yet. Our Motto "Tutor Ut Totus" translated is Defenders To All, meaning I will ALWAYS support and DEFEND against ALL ENEMIES both foreign and domestic.

Founding Member and President - Jan 2013


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