Membership Requirements


  • You must own and ride a cruiser type motorcycle.  No crotch rockets.
  • You must have a valid motorcycle license, registration, and insurance.
  • Members must be 25 years old and one of the following:
  • Active, Former, or Retired Law Enforcement.
  • Active, Retired, or Honorably Discharged Military.
  • Active, Former, or Retired Emergency Service or Public Safety Professional.
  • Associate members must be sponsored by full member spouse, significant other or parent of adult child and will wear an “Associate” bottom rocker.

  • Junior members are children of full members and will wear a “Junior” bottom rocker.
  • Each member will supply their own vest and pay for their patches to be made and sewn on.
  • Membership is earned, not given.  All members follow club rules at all times.


All members will be law-abiding and of good moral character. We will always hold ourselves and the club to the highest standard.

*Do not join this club just to wear a patch because you watched TV or a movie and think this is what you want. We are like minded individuals who form an unbreakable Brotherhood and Sisterhood! Due to the few, we suggest you ride with us before even pledging to our Probation period. This is to see for yourself what we are about and what we stand for. We are Family and will never leave a Brother or Sister behind.



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